Fight For The Right

Fight for the Right is an IDL project which links Social Subjects, Art & Design, Music, Drama and English.


 This interdisciplinary activity centres around the fight for civil rights around the world and evidence of forced emigration as a result of war and clearances.

Social Subjects

Social Subjects teachers introduce students to Apartheid in South Africa, The US Civil Rights movement, protest songs across the world, the Scottish Highland Clearances, The Syrian Refugee Crisis and Gay Rights campaigns.


In English the classes split into groups to each look at one of these issues with a view to producing a blog or podcast. Some groups did a presentation around a poster.


In Art students produced T-Shirts with messages relating to the issues studied.




IMG_0008IMG_0019Music & Drama

Drama produced role plays and images. Music looked at protest songs in more detail before producing a piece of percussion based music around a specific protest song.


The classes involved came together at the end to showcase what they had produced.


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