Project Africa

What is Project Africa?

‘Project Africa’ is a charity which was set up by Chloe Fraser, a former pupil of Calderglen High School and the Pupil Charity Committee of session 2008 – 2009. This is a joint fundraising initiative between Calderglen High School and Calderwood Baptist Church.

Why Project Africa?

It is the aim of the charity to enhance education in Africa. Currently the school are supporting Nehemiah Primary and Secondary in Yei, South Sudan. Two former pupils, from Hunter High School, Thomas and Jillian McNeil are currently working in Yei; Jillian as Head teacher in the Primary school and Thomas as a Project Manager. The pupils in Calderglen through their fundraising are supporting the building of classrooms in Yei.

How did it start?

Sudan has been torn apart by civil war for many years so education was never a priority. Pupils were often taught in the open air under mango trees as classrooms and resources like paper and pencils were a luxury. Bishop Elias Taban who works for EPC had a vision to improve education in Yei. Having established a link with Calderwood Baptist Church, he then visited Calderglen High School. This inspirational visit resulted in the setting up of the Calderglen and Community Educational Trust (SC041170) which was established in October 2009. Since that date many fundraising events have been organised by the Pupil Charity Committee.

Progress so far

To date £20000 has been donated through ‘Project Africa’ and this money has been used to build classrooms in Nehemiah Primary, Goli Primary and Lura Orphanage. Bishop Elias Taban visited Scotland in October/ November 2011 and he sent his heartfelt thanks to the pupils and staff of Calderglen High School for their generosity. On a recent visit to the school, Tuesday 8 November 2011, he was able to share his thanks with a number of pupils. South Sudan gained its independence on 9 July 2011. Pupils and staff are continuing to support this newest nation. In October 2011, a group of staff visited Yei, South Sudan to find out how the money raised had been used and also to teach in Nehemiah Primary and Secondary Schools.

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Next Steps

Having experienced first hand, how effectively the money raised has been used to build new classrooms, the staff returned from Yei with the challenge of what needs to be done next.The buildings are up, but they need windows, doors and furniture to make them fully operational as classrooms.

How can you help?

Anyone can make a donation directly to the Calderglen and Community Educational Trust via the sharingthecaring website (see details opposite). This can be a one-off donation which will go directly to the Trust fund. Any donation will help generate a regular income to the trust and will be greatly appreciated.

Charity Information

Calderglen and Community Educational Trust (SC041170)

Click the following link – sharingthecaring – to make a donation.

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