Chaplaincy Team

The Chaplaincy Team is chaired by Mark Cairney and comprises 6 members, all of whom are associated with churches in East Kilbride:

mark-cairney, rev-John-McKinnon, Gordon Palmer, Neil Buchanan,Anne Paton and Alan McMaster

Its role within the school is to support the provision of Religious Observance in Calderglen High in line with national and local authority policy and guidelines in non-denominational schools –

Beyond that, the Team provides for the school a rich and key resource for the curriculum and for the care and welfare of its staff and pupils. The Team delivers religious observance through monthly assemblies and through a Christmas and Easter Service. They link closely with Pupil Support Managers, participate in many residential and extra-curricular activities and have representation on our parent council.

The Chaplaincy Team has important links within the local community and provides a means of strengthening the school’s links within the wider community.







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