Day 10

Last Day

Our last day had arrived. It was one we dreaded. The frenzy of trying to do the last minute packing and check of the apartment, we were suddenly surprised by Rachael Mcmenemy’s pen pal Graham who came to say his last goodbyes to us all. After waving goodbye to our very helpful and loving bus drivers Eugine and Bradley, we made our way into the airport where we then saw our friends from Mount View. They walked us round to the check in desk where they had painted and hung a banner for us to say thank you and goodbye which brought a few tears. After spending as much time as possible together it was time for us to leave for our gate and last hugs were given.

The flight to Dubai was just over nine hours long again and with a seven hour lay over time we were in for a very long day of travelling. Moving from one gate to another, we made ourselves as comfortable as we could on the seats and floor waiting for the next flight, some of us catching some much needed sleep before boarding.

The flight home to Glasgow was done and we were home. The past week in South Africa visiting Mount View High School and Blomvlei Primary School was an eye opener into what life is like in different places around the world. It was a once in a life time experience that none of us will ever forget. We made great new friendships and bonds that you would not be able to get back home and we would do it all again in a heartbeat if we could.

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