Day 3

Today was very very hot! we went to cape point where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet in Cape Towns national park.
We all walked along the coast and up the high hills with very strong winds to get a view of the incredible sights, It was amazing!
We got many photos with the crashing waves and beaches behind us, the wind was so strong we could feel the sea hitting us from far away.
On the way back we drove past a family of baboons that were sitting by the side of the road, we had to drive very slow because not only were the baboons there but there was a chance of penguins walking about but unfortunately we never saw them.
We had lunch outside at the bottom of the hills at a deli, we all got baguettes in the sun.
Afterwards we visited a gift shop for the opportunity to purchase Cape hope gifts.
We then continued the day as we went to The Cape of Good Hope and got a group photo taken at the big sign.
To finish the day we went to a beautiful beach to go paddling which ended up more like swim, the sea was cold but not as cold as Home!
At night we went for an Italian dinner at the waterfront and home early for our first day visiting mount view high school.

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