Day 5

We started our day at school by exchanging the gifts we had brought over for our partners. We then went to each of our partners classes and took part in lessons, which some were in Afrikaans so some of us struggled. During the interval the guys started a game of football with the pupils where Sam fell victim to some of the boys skills and was left on the ground slightly embarrassed. We then made our way up table mountain and waited in the line for the cable cart, shortly after we travelled up the mountain with the cart rotating so you could see all the views. When at the top we had some lunch in the sun then made our way the the abseiling point. After we all received our harnesses we made our way down to the edge slowly attaching ourselves to the safety ropes. The slow walk back to the edge was scary and having to lean over the 112 metre drop was definitely an experience. The descent was so much better getting to see all the sights in Cape Town, this then lead to a long hike back up the mountain. Unfortunately we not all of us got to abseil as the weather took over and foiled our plans, but the people who missed out will get the chance to do so later in the week. Overall it was a great day and a valuable experience.

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