Day 4

Day 4, First day at school and Langa Township

Today started very early with us having to wake at 6am to be ready for 7 in order for the bus to take us to mount view high school.
First thing we did was meeting Glynis and our buddies, where we received T-shirts that they had made for us. Then it was assembly time, where we caused a raucous amongst the school as we were brought up on to the stage. Everybody, mainly the girls, LOVED the boys!
We spent the whole morning going between classes and spending time with the pupils of Mount View during their interval periods. The whole experience was heart warming and enriching with a few shocks along the way.
Then it was the Langa Township Tour, which was a huge eye opener to some people’s way of life and made everyone speechless at times. Our tour guide, Nathi, was extremely good and knew everyone in the whole Township as he had lived there his whole life. We then headed back to the apartments for some free time, having dinner in the local English pub, the whole day was a blast!

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