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Learn Through Work Week November 2015
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Skills Development Scotland and Calderglen High were delighted to host our recent ”Learning Though Work “ opportunity  to S3 pupils. There are over 80 different types of modern apprenticeships in Scotland and employers are increasingly looking for young people to add hands-on value to their business .

With many enabling their apprentices to do day release at college or university, a modern apprenticeship is a viable alternative to traditional routes of college or university as a progression route from school. 

This enables the employer to retain a skilled workforce and help the young person build further upon their skills, knowledge and expertise to drive forward innovation, excellence and quality.

The videos below give you a chance to hear what some of our employers had to say  and gives you information on what employers are looking for ……….Enjoy!..........


Learn Through Work Week
S3 Skills day

Video 1
The Companies
SLC Video 2
Question Time
Video 3
More from employers
Skills exchange
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